You Won’t Be Able to Unhear This…The 3 Secrets to Selling Online - Stop Making It Hard!

24m | Apr 30, 2024

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You Won’t Be Able to Unsee This…Once You KNOW The 3 Secrets to Selling Online (Stop making it hard) 👇

…And after you do a self-audit, tell me what you can improve on in the comments!

1️⃣ Help them find you

One time I needed a specific type of coach’s help, so I dropped 3k in 5 minutes after landing on her profile. Her profile was super clear and confident that she could solve my problem.

🤑How did she do it? SMO (Social Media Optimization). SEO works. You need to optimize your social media for search!

Get a real visibility strategy - you can strategize to go viral or you can leverage other people’s audiences for yourself - but you need to be seen! Why?

👉If you don’t have an audience yet…You need one.

👉If you have a big audience…You will eventually want to sell to new people too!

2️⃣ Help them trust you

Include real proof-in-the-bread-puddin’ reviews, screenshots, and video testimonials.

📢Share the stories of your clients and how long it took them to get results. Telling a potential client, “Look this is how long it takes to get X result,” is KEY to giving them certainty that you can get results in a timely manner for them!

You gotta build trust before someone believes and buys from you!

3️⃣ Help them buy from you

Make your sales process so simple an 8-year-old could complete the purchase and explain to their mom exactly what they just invested in.

Tell them exactly what to DM you and then you need to get clear on qualifying them for one offer vs another, and streamline how to communicate their next steps.

👉If you’re just getting started, you can do this all manually.

👉Or you can use AI to start the conversation, and then you can take over! I always have a keyword trigger the first message for me, and then I can chat.

After hearing the 3 Secrets, can you identify where can you do better? Tell me! 👇

And if you have more Qs, these are all things I teach - from SMO, to content that converts, to sales strategy… I am a DM away. 💋Sophia Spallino

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