THE SOCIAL PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING — 3 Questions Coaches & Service Providers Need to Ask IF You’re NOT Selling Enough

54m | Dec 11, 2023

🤫Spilling the 3 questions you need to ask yourself to SELL MORE & MAKE MORE MONEY

What would happen if your creation-to-client process was so strategic it always led to sales?

You’d be rolling in the dough on an island, NOT reading this to get answers on how to sell more!

Take a deep breath in…exhale…I got you, Babe!

IF your content is getting traction, but you’re NOT selling enough👇

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Everything you create inside of your business, from content to systems, needs to convert clients ultimately…or there is a leak in your business that needs to be plugged.

Let’s figure out where the leak is coming from🚰

Ask yourself 3️⃣ questions:

1️⃣ Is it what people actually need?

Do I need to completely restructure my offer’s language to position my service as a necessity, not an optional luxury?

2️⃣ Do I need more social proof?

Always YES.

Gather social proof👇

Client testimonial videos (their transformation story)

Screenshots of text or DMs

Testimonials you copy and paste into a graphic

How do you get this from clients?


I taught @‌LesbianCuriousityCoach how to get a strategic client video, and she now has 40k views on an organic TT testimonial!

The best part: this testimonial video sold 2 $2997 tickets without a long convo in the DMs!

People commented, “Send me the link to buy a ticket!”

🤑That’s 6k in revenue in a short amount of time & this video continues to provide the reassuring social proof for people to buy into her program today!

3️⃣ How can I better my CTA game?

CTA Hacks!

-Make it an exclusive, rare offer for few to access

-Make a limited-time offer

-Create FOMO!

“I have helped X clients achieve X result. Are you next?”

“I can help you achieve W in X time using Y method that has helped Z women”

👀Are you sharing PROOF of how you have transformed client’s lives in your CTA?

If you want limited-time access to my “CLIENT TESTIMONIAL REQUEST PLUG-AND-MAKE-MONEY TEMPLATE,” DM me “Social Proof” on IG to get the free guide!

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