How To Be PEACEFUL & PROFITABLE This Year with Mallory CEO of Verde, Human Design Mentorship

1h 2m | Jan 22, 2024

You almost have it all.

It's time to unlock your FULLNESS...

🔑 Understanding the science of human design + knowing God’s purpose for your life = Satisfaction.

My Profitable Personal Brand™ Coaching Program Client, Mallory, CEO of @‌verde.humandesign, has an energetic passion for life, and believes we all have the opportunity to connect back to our soul.

She guides clients in the process of deconditioning who they “should” be, and come back home to who they always felt they were designed to be.

👉By making the conscious decision to follow God’s plan and live by her Human Design experiment, Mallory ended an unhealthy long-term relationship, quit her 9 to 5, and is now living her best and most abundant life!

Over this past year, she started her own business VERDE, which is founded on God and the science and teachings of Human Design.

As her coach, I am so PROUD of her for the divinely-led action she takes and how her business is growing!!

💬If you’re a highly motivated and successful individual who wants to unlock your soul and fulfillment, DM Mallory on Instagram, @‌verde.humandesign

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You are only ONE DECISION away from a totally upleveled reality.

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🙅‍♀️This is NOT a basic-ass course.

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