Your 5-Day Instagram Story Plan to Sell a High-Ticket Offer in Less than a Week — Online Coaching and Service Provider Business Strategy

26m | Jul 31, 2023

You want to close one new high-ticket client in just a week? 


If you're a six-figure online coach or service provider who has an opening for a new client or offer…or just starting out and spiring to get to your next level of income per month, it's time to SELL in your stories more.☝️


🗓️Here is the Instagram story plan you need...even if I am tempted to only share this profitable model with clients who pay me...


...But I know if implemented correctly, it could help you generate $1K to $20K 💰more per month (depending on how warm your audience is and how your offer is priced and structured). 


💪If you're willing to put in the daily work and have for a're ready for the next steps (on a fucking silver platter, you're welcome).🤗


Warning: This plan will make you feel vulnerable, and you’ll be tempted to think you are “overselling.” 😬


But selling in your stories leads to *shocker* 💵 MAKING SALES, so just shut up and do it. Are you ready for the plan?

Always be sure you’re funneling new leads to Instagram through visibility platforms like TikTok or YouTube Shorts! Although I can never guarantee results, these steps are fucking proven to work again and again for me and my clients. So JUMP THE FUDGE ON IT THIS WEEK. I just made it so easy for this plan and plug and play!

You got this. And if you need more support, reach out! 

XO, Sophia

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👋I’m Sophia Spallino, and I help powerful women build PROFITABLE, purposeful personal brands on social media. 

After over eight years in the industry and amassing over 333k followers across platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube, as well as hosting a top-charting podcast, I am sharing my social media secrets, sales tips, marketing strategies, and mindset hacks to help you build a real business on social media too!

xo, Sophia

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