My Most Controversial Business Partner GOD - My Exact Prayer Strategy as a Multi-Six-Figure Business Owner

21m | Jan 1, 2024

Some people aren’t going to like when I say this:

But this year, I made more money than I could have ever dreamed of…

all because GOD was my business partner.

I talk to God all day.

I rarely put my hands together like this and send up a traditional prayer.

Instead, I look within.

1️⃣ I thank God in advance for what I want AS IF IT IS DONE.

2️⃣ I ask for Divine Clarity

🙌I ask to feel excited and lit up when something is for my greatest good and the good of my incredible, kick-butt clients!

👎I ask to feel a “No,” in my tummy when something is not for me and my clients’ greatest good.

Follow the desire or the ICK!

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