Achieve Greatness

Greatness is earn not given. Welcome to Achieve Greatness, I’m your host Kota Nakayama. As an athlete and entrepreneur wanting to become better, I talk and interview with likeminded individuals about what it takes to become best version of yourself to achieve your fullest potential AKA “GREATNESS”. As we learn and hear from people’s stories, experiences, and lesson, this podcast is for the dedicated few who want to go against all odds, overcome all obstacles and do whatever it takes to inspire others and achieve their greatness! 


EP. 9 Tearing my ACL was the best thing that ever happen to me / Rafael Espinoza
Show Details1hr 22min
EP. 8 USL to MLS Journey / Tony Rocha
Show Details49min 53s
EP. 7 Burning Desire / Rony Argueta
Show Details1hr 41min
EP. 6 Psychology & Mindset of a Pro Soccer Player / Zev Taublieb
Show Details1hr 15min
EP. 5 Importance of Health & Nutrition towards Peak Performance / Matt Mahoney
Show Details39min 8s
EP. 4 Mastering Your Niche / Augustine Okosun
Show Details58min 33s
EP. 3 Stay in the Big / Warner Trejo
Show Details52min 14s
EP. 2 Developing a Professional Mindset / Cyrus Ryuichi
Show Details57min 23s
EP. 1 Redefining Injuries To Become Stronger / Fernie Pineda, Luis Fraire
Show Details1hr 18min
Welcome to Achieve Greatness Podcast
Show Details1min 4s