Finding Joy Through Creation and Stepping Into Your Greatness with David Quarles

44m | Aug 31, 2022

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I’m so excited to share today’s conversation with David Quarles, who has been bringing so much vibrant energy and joy to my Instagram feed for years. 

David Quarles is a Memphis-based Interior Designer, Jewelry Designer, Content Creator and Fitness Instructor - the true definition of a multi-hyphenate creative! His philosophy on life stems from doing and creating all things from a place of love. David comes from African-American, Afro-Caribbean, European and Indigenous-American descent; a vibrant cultural background that influences his work and movement in this world. With a professional background in jewelry design, interior design, visual merchandising, and wellness coaching, David views creativity as more than an activity, he views it as his way of life.

In the podcast episode, you’ll hear me say that David is full of surprises. As a follower of his content, he is constantly seeming to reinvent not just the spaces around him, but reinventing himself as well. From his vegan cooking, to interior design, to mocktail creations, to his new jewelry line, and then learning he used to complete men's fitness competitions–there is truly so much inspiration to find from David’s life and experiences.

We are of course diving in to all of the topics today including what led David to initially go vegan and how he finally learned to make tofu delicious, but we also talk a lot about his creativity, the seemingly endless sources of joy in his life, his experience when he first stepped into the interior design world, and how he has navigated life as a radically vibrant and creative person.

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