• S06 E32 The Knicks Get Knickser

    Let the Final Piece of the Nova Knickerbockers be COMPLETED! Saki welcomes Mikal Bridges to the Knicks. Will this give coach Thibs the inspiration to expand his rotation? Or will this make him ONLY play the four 'Cats?

    Krang laments the arrival of another James on the Lakers. But are people TOO mad about this overwhelming show of nepotism? Do y'all really care? Michael Jordan could literally never.

    Saki looks back on his time as a camper. It's a rare look into Saki's lousy traumatic childhood. This is the telling of how Saki came to know Isiah Thomas. Krang did not ONCE hit the "Maaaaan go to the PARK!" drop once (Sonic loses drop).

    We come full circle with the Cretins of the Week.

    Cyberpunk Rhapsody is out. What's your favorite tracks?

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    33m - Jun 28, 2024
  • S06 E31 The Bunny Hole

    Fresh off an impromptu vacation (it was actually a case of the I don't wannas) Saki and Krang have RETURNED! At least for this week.

    As season 6 dwindles to an end, we field just a few questions since we weren't OVERWHELMED by our mailbag requests. So either we didn't do a good job of promoting the Q&A, or we have far fewer mutant miscreants than we originally thought.

    We talk about the Celtics fans WHO DESERVE this championship.

    If a Juneteenth episode isn't two days late, is it an actual Juneteenth episode. Krang and Saki tell you where they were and the person they think they saw at the cookout. They went to a cookout. But you'll never believe who they saw.

    Mad Shredcommendations including a YouTube channel that feels like it should be on called YouTubi.


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    50m - Jun 22, 2024
  • S06 E30 Saki and JaKrangby

    Look, we tried with the title. But in this one, we graze on the stories y'all are beating to death (The National BA, The W National BA). We prove to be the allies that Monica McNutt has been looking for. In doing so, we begin to see ourselves in a certain podcast from yesteryear.

    Gina has her day.

    We're watching Power: Book 3 and maybe we love this entire despicable cast! Joey Badass is surely going to win a Shreddie! And villain origin stories always make me cry.

    And who would win if the ENTIRE CAST OF MARTIN HAD A FIGHTING TOURNAMENT? We speculate, to the point that we're not done with this one.

    What are we gonna do for a finale?

    Lawd, mama's tired...

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    36m - Jun 7, 2024
  • S06 E29 A House Divided

    National BA! BOOM!!

    W National BA!! BAM!!


    The AI generated Motown Mashups don't seem a little...racist to y'all?

    Krang wants to talk about dodgeball so Saki roasts him about it for a few minutes.

    Y'all wanna talk about Power Book 3?

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    29m - May 31, 2024
  • S06 E28 National BA Jam


    Saki laments the loss of the New York Knickerbockers and blames Coach THom THibodeaux for playing the team like they have limitless Turbo. Saki laid down a stern warning for next season.

    Moving on, Saki and Krang discuss both Game 1s of the Eastern and Western Conference Semi finals. The stories are..HEATING UP...(catching on to the theme?)

    Krang gets an ultimatum. Bout to mess around and catch a BOOM SHAKALAKA! (No it's serious)

    Cam'ron and CNN have a Cretin-off.

    Keep those questions pouring in and start making nominations for THE GOLDEN CASKIES and SHP Hall of Fame

    Happy Heavenly Birthday Owen Hart!

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    33m - May 24, 2024
  • S06 E27 That Stupid Show Change of Heart

    We deal with Auntie Anita Baker and her potential crime against all auntie-dom.

    The National BA Playoffs roll on, but will the New York Knickerbockers? Can Tom Thibedeau stop grinding the starters into injury? Is Kyrie a main guy? Or is he Vegeta?

    Darius McCrary is living his best life it would appear.

    Urkel was an incel the whole time.

    Game catches a one-hitter-quitter in the form of a picture. Can he get back at Rick Ross? Or will he slink away until the next thing comes along that may get him clout?

    SEND IN YOUR QUESTIONS! We will answer them.

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    S6E27 - 37m - May 17, 2024
  • S06 E26 Talkin Hoops

    Nothin outta the ordinary here. Just a former interdimensional warlord crowing about his favorite Nation BA team. Jaylen Brunson is the Mutant Miscreant of the week. But Anthony Edwards is staking his claim and preparing to take his rightfully place as the head of the Foot Clan. At least that's what Saki is hoping.

    Y'all remember that Show Anthony Anderson was on when he was a kid? Bad show.


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    21m - May 10, 2024
  • E06 S25 Canned Ham and Candy Parker


    And Krang is looking for a new coach. Happy Trails Darvin Ham! There is no better job than fired coach.

    Pat Bev, Bobby Portis and Glenjamin Rivers start their vacay. We suggest PB goes to Shanghai and stays there.

    Y'all ain't tired of diss records yet? Be like J. Cole.

    Jodeci made one of the greatest R&B albums ever...if you stop it halfway through.

    Cash Money took over for the 99 and the 2000 and the country was running like a well-oiled machine. Saki suggests we swing the ball back to Juvi and see where it gets us.

    ALL THIS AND MORE, on the Shred Head Podcast!

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    32m - May 5, 2024
  • S06 E24 The Pod That Was Promised

    We did it. We had a goal to record and release two WHOLE PODS IN ONE WEEK! And we did it. This is an achievement for us. Let us celebrate with a story about taking Krang to the Foot :-) Doctor.


    The National BA playoffs are afoot and Saki is thinking Maybe the Knickerbockers ARE ready to come out the Eastern Conference. Maybe Saki IS ready to dive head-first into his New York Delusion.

    Lord knows the Celtics don't want it.

    Hey man...Darvin Ham. You're still a champion.

    Saki lets you all in on a very serious aspect of his friendship with Krang.

    Krang's PROMISED Foot :-) Doctor story.



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    42m - Apr 26, 2024
  • S06 E23 The 20th Anniversary

    We gear up celebrate a very special anniversary, but Krang forgets to send out the invites.

    Caitlin Clark stuff

    So the boys call an audible and Saki introduces a new segment called "Saki's Turnbuckle" (working title) where he strikes three pro-wrestling stories hard and then fades away.

    We think we're gonna get you two episodes this week. So pray for us.

    Saki then takes a break to get some dental work done.

    Saki nominates Larry David to run against the current Presidential situation, but then gives a brief shout to the end of Curb.

    Send questions. We're doing a thing.

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    38m - Apr 22, 2024
  • S06 E22.5 An Episode ABOUT the Lost Episode.mp3


    Last Week we lost the episode. So we give you the next best thing, A SYNOPSIS OF WHAT THE BOYS DISCUSSED!


    The Knickerbockers

    Glenston Rivers stinks up the joint.


    Then we talk play-off standings WITH NO PREDICTIONS!

    Boban Marjonovic plays the hero to the opposing team's home crowds and becomes the inaugural Mutant Miscreant of the week

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    41m - Apr 15, 2024
  • S06 E21 Shay Can Stay

    THE NEPTUNES ARE BREAKING UP AND IT'S NASTY! Pharrell and Chad Hugo are at each other's throats, but what about Shay? Krang gets a crash course in just WHO IS Sheldon Shay Haley.

    We talk about the W National C Double A, Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese shatter viewership records.

    Wemby is slated to be the GOAT.

    Krang is the Cretin of the Week. Or at least the hour...

    We got back to business and we're happy to help you start your weekend.

    Start writing questions for the next MAILBAG EPISODE!

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    37m - Apr 5, 2024
  • S06 E20 The Realest Nagi Ever

    Mutant Miscreants! We celebrate another life as we are joined by Saki's big brother Oroku Nagi! Yes, Nagi is dearly departed, but we got ways around that.

    The brothers went to PAX East, previewed some games, got rained on, saw some friends and got back to enjoyment. Shout out to our friends who came through or came through for us.

    We double up on the Cretins of the week. So in order to get us all back on track, Saki gives several Nagi-based Shredcommendations.

    Meet the guy who influenced the guy who influences you. Happy Birthday, Nagi!

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    40m - Mar 26, 2024
  • S06 E19 All Means ALL

    Hey Mutant Miscreants. We missed you last week, but we had to walk a friend to the afterlife. We say goodbye to King Akira Toriyama.

    We put Krang on the spot with some National BA stories and ask him if he cares.

    Then Saki takes to the pulpit and into the Bible to talk about the writing in red. Go from pews of the Catholic faith to upholstered chairs of the tiny storefront churches that live across from the liquor store. It's a full-on sermon from brother Saki. And it's for literally everybody.

    All this and more in this week's SHRED HEAD PODCAST

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    41m - Mar 15, 2024
  • S06 E18 On the Phone with Student Loans

    It's back to reality as the Shred Head Pod returns to its semi-regular programming. We would like to thank all of the people who made the Festival of Fine Aunties a rousing success!

    Saki gets really mundane and tries to get someone on the line to get his student loans forgiven. Let's see how long it takes to get Mohela to notice him.

    In the meantime, Scottie Pippen Ls not only himself, but he brings Horace Grant and Luc Longley with him for the ride.

    Shredcommendation: Flowz4Daze Dream Cruise album...on vinyl.

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    24m - Mar 1, 2024
  • The Shred Head Podcast Proudly Presents The Festival of Fine Aunties

    It's the most wonderful time of the year! Auntie Season is upon us, and it's here to stay!

    You are cordially invited to celebrate the baddest, most brilliant, BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMEN IN THE CULTURAL ZEIHTGEIST! We roll out the red carpet for our Sweetest 16 Aunties.

    We welcome the ancestors who literally have their own section at the show. Patti Labelle catered the entire event! Please ensure Questlove receives none of it!

    Then we go into the room where our distinguished panel of B-Hyphen, Zebo Jones, Trice Cuhz and The UnfriendlyBlerdHottie deliberate over our Sweetest 16.


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    1h 9m - Feb 27, 2024

    Saki and Krang have made it to...INDIANA?? Ew.

    We came by these tix by way of special hook-up (Shout out to Rajon Rondo) and we are painting the town Hoosier Red (ew).

    Saki eats crow about his earlier All-Star Weekend opinions

    Still not watching the dunk contest though...unless Glen Rivers is there. You've all been warned.

    Isiah Stewart commits assault in the parking lot and it doesn't stop the man he assaulted from making a solid contribution in a National BA game.

    All this and more in this ALL-STAR WEEKEND EDITION of the Shred Head Podcast!

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    28m - Feb 17, 2024
  • S06 E17 And Then There Were 32

    The episode is complete but not. We'll get to it today.

    Why Fred Jones deserves a nice cushy job and how God made Himself evident in 2004 in the Malice at the Palace.

    The Fine Aunties narrow it all down to the Sweetest 16 and set up next week's COLOSSAL EPISODE.

    How was your Valentine's Day?

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    30m - Feb 16, 2024
  • S06 E16 Arguably the GOAT

    If it's Thursday Night, it's not Martin and Living Single, but it's the definite vibe from the Shred Head Podcast!

    We dig into the National BA

    BIG, BIG, Festival of Fine Aunties Update as we move from Round 1.

    Some of YOU are the cretins of the week. But with the clumsiness of the voting process in the FoFA, Krang and Saki name themselves Cretins as well.

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    34m - Feb 9, 2024
  • S06 E15 Baby, Do Yo Thang


    We address the foolishness of the Nicki vs Megan mess and the litany of problems it exposes in regards to our relationship with entertainment, culture and art as in general. And for some weird reason, Joe Budden was trying to catch one of the strays with a catcher's mitt.


    -See the Serpent play tricks, run game like the Knicks-


    -HA! GOT EEM!!-

    Sorry. The rest of the show is Shredcommendations. Including one for the final episode of Hyphen Nation, Snoop's "Underdoggs" and "Hoop Earrings" by Pardison Fontaine

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    40m - Feb 2, 2024
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