S06 E31 The Bunny Hole

50m | Jun 22, 2024

Fresh off an impromptu vacation (it was actually a case of the I don't wannas) Saki and Krang have RETURNED! At least for this week.

As season 6 dwindles to an end, we field just a few questions since we weren't OVERWHELMED by our mailbag requests. So either we didn't do a good job of promoting the Q&A, or we have far fewer mutant miscreants than we originally thought.

We talk about the Celtics fans WHO DESERVE this championship.

If a Juneteenth episode isn't two days late, is it an actual Juneteenth episode. Krang and Saki tell you where they were and the person they think they saw at the cookout. They went to a cookout. But you'll never believe who they saw.

Mad Shredcommendations including a YouTube channel that feels like it should be on called YouTubi.


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