S06 E30 Saki and JaKrangby

36m | Jun 7, 2024

Look, we tried with the title. But in this one, we graze on the stories y'all are beating to death (The National BA, The W National BA). We prove to be the allies that Monica McNutt has been looking for. In doing so, we begin to see ourselves in a certain podcast from yesteryear.

Gina has her day.

We're watching Power: Book 3 and maybe we love this entire despicable cast! Joey Badass is surely going to win a Shreddie! And villain origin stories always make me cry.

And who would win if the ENTIRE CAST OF MARTIN HAD A FIGHTING TOURNAMENT? We speculate, to the point that we're not done with this one.

What are we gonna do for a finale?

Lawd, mama's tired...

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