Be It Till You See It

You have a lot of have-to-do’s and even more want-to-do’s. You know you are on this planet to accomplish something, but you’re just so busy!

Amidst all the crazy, you need support making YOU a priority.

Welcome to the ‘Be It Till You See It’ Podcast with me, your host, Lesley Logan!

Each week I host inspiring guests from all walks of life, digging into how they prioritized themselves to get to where they are today. We’ll focus on the specific mindset and actions they took to make it happen.

After the interview, my husband Brad and I will jump on for a quick takeaway, sharing how you can prioritize yourself so you can BE IT.

My goal isn’t to just inspire you. Nope, it’s not enough to hear a story of how someone made it. In each interview you’ll hear actionable tips from guests… bold, executable, intrinsic and targeted advice to help you BE IT TILL YOU SEE IT.

With all that and the permission to put yourself first, I know you can be who you were meant to be in this life!

Are you ready to BE IT in health, fitness, business, love, personal goals, travel and more?


Be It Till You See It
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