Ep 253: The Fourth Trimester with Pediatrician Dr. Jess Daigle

44m | Apr 9, 2024

I love connecting you with other physicians who have a real heart and passion for caring for people and that’s exactly what you’re going to get in this episode with Dr. Jess. 

Since she was 10 years old, Dr. Jess Daigle (@momandme_md) knew she wanted to be a pediatrician and neonatologist. Now a board-certified pediatrician and CEO of Mom & Me MD, a concierge practice that focuses on providing in-home care and support for moms and babies after a NICU stay, she has made that dream a reality and then some.

Dr Jess’s dedication to NICU care is rooted in her own challenging experiences with pregnancy and birth including a loss at 19 weeks and bedrest for 65 days followed by a preterm birth with her second pregnancy. Her passion and commitment for her work really shines through in this episode and you can’t help but listen to her and think “Man, I would love for her to be my doctor!”. 

We have a great conversation about 5 areas to prepare for when you’re having a baby (mom, baby, relationships, household, and career) as well as the importance of advocating for oneself and asking questions.

In this Episode, You’ll Learn About:

  • How Dr. Jess’s personal experience shapes the kind of physician she is
  • Why she wishes she would’ve done things differently after pregnancy loss
  • What makes Mom & Me MD different from other postpartum care services
  • Which unique emotional struggles affect families with babies in critical care
  • What “fourth trimester” refers to and how this period can be more challenging for NICU parents
  • How to create a postpartum “9-1-1 Crew”
  • Why you should prepare for postpartum while you’re still pregnant


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