[A Dr. Nicole Favorite] What Is a Physiologic Birth and How Do You Have One in the Hospital?

53m | Jun 18, 2024

Real talk: things have been a little crazy for me these past couple weeks and I didn’t have an opportunity to record a new episode. So, I decided to pick one of my favorites to replay: physiologic birth.

The reason I chose this is because it’s a term that gets mentioned a lot on social media but doesn’t get defined. It’s also a term that -quite honestly- I didn’t fully understand before I made this episode. I learned a lot when I researched and wrote this episode and I know you will too.

In this Episode, You’ll Learn About:

-How normal physiologic birth is defined

-Which factors disrupt physiologic childbirth

-What are the benefits of normal physiologic birth

-Whether any one position should be mandated or prescribed

-What are the factors that influence physiologic birth

-Why it’s vital for your medical team to support your wishes

-What makes it necessary to intervene


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