Ep 256: Fed is Best with The Formula Mom, Mallory Whitmore

43m | Apr 30, 2024

Mallory Whitmore knows her stuff about formula! She’s a certified infant feeding tech, leader of education at Bobbie–the only mom-founded and mom-run U.S. formula brand–and she’s the face behind The Formula Mom, an online platform for infant feeding info and support.

To be clear, she’s not against breastfeeding, quite the opposite in fact! Her mission is to help parents make informed, confident, and supported infant feeding decisions–without guilt or shame. If that means all breastmilk, all formula, or someplace in between, all that matters is that your baby gets the nutrition they need!

In this Episode, You’ll Learn About:

  • How formula compares to breast milk
  • Which “bioactive components” are found in breast milk
  • What parents should look for in a formula - ignore the marketing hype!
  • What types of formula are available
  • How to figure out which formula is right for you
  • What signs can indicate a formula is not working for your baby
  • How long you should give it before you switch to a different formula
  • How to feed a combination of breastmilk and formula
  • What actually makes DIY formula risky
  • Why it’s so important to destigmatize formula feeding
  • What the difference is between absolute risk and relative risk


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