Hosts Niven and Giuseppe refuse to go gentle into that good night. You know those worries that you have, about whether you are making the most of your life, or making the right choices? Join us for a weekly conversation where we discuss those thoughts out loud, together.


This one is a RIOT
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Get paid for your passion? (ft. Louisa Schmolke)
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Here's how we failed.
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Drunk Debate.. Books vs TV
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Polyamory, how can it work? (ft. Natalie Wanner)
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Living to 100
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Getting in shape, the hacks. (ft. Charlotte Fisher)
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Was Uni the wrong choice?
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How to date, in 2021.
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(Not) Coping with Mental Health
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6 Tips for our 20-Year-Old Selves
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How to retire, now.
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We need to talk..
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Pilot Episode
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