The 2024 Election Prep Guide with Rudy Garrett, VP at Alliance for Youth Action

1h 6m | Dec 6, 2023

2024 is literally right around the corner. How?! Couldn’t tell you, but here we are getting prepped for a critical election year. Ya know, just another election year where the future of democracy hangs in the balance. #casual. Anyways, back to the prep end of things, this episode is get ready for primary season through general election season 101. And most importantly, it’s made possible by the wonderful Rudy Garrett, who is the VP at Alliance for Youth Action. If you want to get amped for voting yourself or your friends to be, Rudy is the perfect person to get the momentum and enthusiasm going. In our convo, which is designed as a 2024 election prep guide, we get into what you need to know from same-day registration, to pre-reg, and voter plans. We also get into how to have convos with friends about voting – sharing tips n’ tricks for how to make it smooth yet effective. Save this eppy and share it with every friend in the groupchat. 

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