The GOP is coming for birth control with Mini Timmaraju, President & CEO of Reproductive Freedom For All

58m | Feb 7, 2024

It’s 2024 and the GOP is coming for birth control. But the thing is this isn’t just a ‘whoops yolo’ by the ultra-conservative crew, it’s the definition of the political long game. It’s this very long game that we dissect with none other than longtime repro rights advocate, Mini Timmaraju, the President & CEO of Reproductive Freedom For All. We look at how this plan came to be, what’s different about the repro rights landscape now from when Mini first dove in, and how we can fight back now. We also look at how much is encompassed in the repro rights basket – and how important it is to go beyond just talking about abortion, but to talk about miscarriages, the criminalization of doctors, birth control and contraceptives, and more.

Reproductive Freedom For All:

Mini Timmaraju:


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