A Look at The Fentanyl Crisis with JoAnna Vance, Program Coordinator at WV Economic Justice

57m | Feb 21, 2024

The fentanyl crisis has impacted individuals and families in every corner of this country. But how did this crisis start? And where are its impacts the deepest? Many of those answers start in West Virginia. As told by our guest JoAnna Vance, a Program Coordinator at WV Economic Justice, the crisis has taken a huge toll and a huge amount of lives. It’s a crisis that she’s actively a part of turning around through her advocacy. It’s also a crisis rife with stigmas around solutions and treatment – another element to this huge conversation.And to that point, in this conversation, we look at some of the solutions proposed, from Narcan distribution to safe injection sites, and beyond to see how we can work together to end this epidemic that’s already robbed too many people of their lives.


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