Who is ‘Big Hospital’ and shady hospital pricing practices that need to change with Sophia Tripoli, Senior Director of Health Policy at Families USA

38m | Dec 14, 2023

Who is ‘Big Hospital?’ Going once…going twice…going three times… anyone?! Yea, it was an answer we did not have, so we brought in the expert dujour, Sophia Tripoli, the Senior Director of Health Policy at Families USA to give us the scoop. We also brought her on to talk about the role they play in hospital transparency, or the lack thereof, and overall the not so great consumer practices going on in this section of the healthcare industry. Naturally, we also had to dive into WTF is going on with hospital consolidation, price gouging, and suss things galore. So much going on, and yet solutions are afoot, which we get into too (check out the related action item in Gov Hub).

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