‘23 Governor Races, ‘24 Governor Races, and No Off Years with Ofirah Yheskel, Director of External Affairs at Democratic Governors Association [DGA]

39m | Oct 18, 2023

2023 is considered an off-year election year, which we think we need to rebrand because every election is important **adds to to-do list**. But without turning the description of this week's episode into a meeting about marketing and messaging, let us pivot to the core of this week's interview -- the interview with Ofirah Yheskel the Director of External Affairs at Democratic Governors Association [DGA], puts a spotlight on the year's governor races, including those in Mississippi and Kentucky. The interview also details how the DGA works with candidates and how they help Democratic governors once they’re elected, and beyond. Speaking of beyond, we also discuss what's to come in 2024 races like North Carolina's and New Hampshire's.


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