Diplomacy, Mary Kate & Ashley, and Bringing Young Voices to the Table with Special Envoy for Global Youth Issues, Abby Finkenauer

54m | Jan 24, 2024

 If you’re an OG, you know that we love to put the spotlight on various political careers, sharing the BTS on what they’re like. If you’re new here, that’s a little bit about some of our episodes, including this one with Special Envoy for Global Youth Issues, Abby Finkenauer. In this episode, Abby tells us about her career journey, first as a state rep, then a member of Congress at age 28, and the current role in the State Department. We get into what a Special Envoy does, how they’re appointed, and what a day in their life looks like. We also talk about the focus of her particular department, looking at youth issues around the globe – naturally, diplomacy and yes, Mary Kate and Ashley make their way into this convo.

Special Envoy for Global Youth Issues, Abby Finkenauer:


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