The FABRIC Act & Making Change for Garment Workers in the Us With ​​Emily Stochl, Director of Education at Remake

43m | Sep 13, 2023

According to our friends at Remake, garment workers experience the second-highest rates of wage theft of any group of workers, with some earning as little as $2.68 an hour. How, with a federal minimum wage, is that possible? Good ol’ loopholes and worker exploitation, with factories able to use the piece rate system. The system of pay doesn’t pay by the hour but instead per garment sewn. The soon to be reintroduced FABRIC Act [this week] would nix this loophole, creating an hourly wage requirement for garment workers, as well as a nationwide industry registry designed to keep bad actors in the space accountable. The act also looks to grow the industry in the US, and it's been fought for by the team at Remake – including our guest, Emily Stochl, who is the Director Education at the org. In this episode, she walks us through the loopholes that have allowed for the exploitation of workers and the changes that are needed to get this industry back on its feet in the US. She also gives us the 411 on getting this bill across the finish line – hint, hint: taking the action item in the eppy description on Apple & Spotify [hi!] is step one.

Action Item: Sign this petition and then call your [federal] reps to tell them to pass the FABRIC Act.

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