GUIDE: Fact-checking, misinformation, and propaganda in the age of social media and AI with Katie Sanders, Editor in Chief of PolitiFact

53m | Nov 29, 2023

The way we consume media, the way media is shared, and the speed at which it’s shared has evolved rapidly in recent years. What hasn’t caught up is media literacy, a critical understanding of how to decipher media. The consequences of this gap are dangerous – they change the course of world events with too many clicks of a share button on fake videos; they put people in danger and spur hate crimes with comment sections filled with false claims; they sow division with unverified claims, so much more. As we’ve seen in recent weeks, and well before it across different issues areas, an inability to intelligently digest and consume media is a dangerous problem that needs solving. One organization that’s working to keep facts fact and fake claims in their deservedly fake news category is PolitiFact. Through their deep fact checks and work they bring the truth to the forefront. Cue, Katie Sanders, PolitiFact’s Editor in Chief, who is naturally well-versed in the fight for facts, discussing with us the essential nature of fact checking and strategies for identifying info that does not meet the smell test. She shares with us strategies, tools, and what’s next on the horizon in the fight against misinformation.


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