Goodbye Manchin, Hello Zach Shrewsbury: The ‘24 Race for WV’s Senate Seat

35m | Jan 3, 2024

If you asked us if we were surprised that Senator Manchin decided to retire, we’d say 50/50. If you asked candidate for Senate, Zach Shrewsbury, he’d say nope, not at all. Zach has had a pulse on how Manchin plays politics for quite some time, interacting with him as an organizer. He’s also had a pulse on West Virginia politics and the needs of WV residents as a result. And those needs, those issues need to be communicated and represented in the Senate. Zach is running to be that representation and to remind all to not count rural voters out [or people for that matter]. This episode discusses his run for office, the campaign’s focus, and what’s been missing in WV politics. PS Tyler Childers, if you’re reading this, this is the campaign to get involved in ;) You didn’t hear it from us…or did you?

Meet Zach Shrewsbury:

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