26 Million people lack IDs in the US – Kat Calvin is working to change that; The Founder of Project ID Action and author of American Identity In Crisis: Notes From An Accidental Activist shares how

58m | Sep 20, 2023

If you’ve tuned into any of the interviews your beloved co-hosts [hi, that’s us] have done, you’ll know that when we’ve been asked what our favorite episode that we’ve done is, we say our interview with Kat Calvin. One of our first interviews ever was with Kat and she blew our minds by painting the picture of America’s ID crisis – how without an ID, you can’t get a job, housing, access shelters and medical care, receive your veterans benefits, and pretty much access any/all basic services. And then a picture of how many barriers from financial to physical to paperwork and so much more stand in the way of people being able to get an ID. In that moment, she opened our eyes [and hopefully y’alls too] on how IDs play a make or break role in someone’s life. Now, she’s back on the show, with a just published book and a federal bill [IDs For An Inclusive Democracy Act] she’s advocated for that would provide every American with a free federal ID. In this convo, we not only catch up on the groundbreaking advocacy she’s been doing, but explore the roots of this ID crisis. We also analyze together how we can solve HUGE problems by solving the ID problem, like homelessness and boost the economy. It’s a complicated yet simple web that Kat explains perfectly. For the full deep dive, order Kat’s book ASAP: American Identity In Crisis: Notes From an Accidental Activist.

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