200th Episode: The Fight For Student Debt Cancellation with Melissa Byrne, Founder of We, the 45 Million

1h 8m | Nov 1, 2023

We did it, Joe – we officially have hit 200 episodes of Girl and the Gov, The Podcast! Cue the balloons! The champagne! The confetti! And this episode is def big 2-0-0 energy because we’re talking about the fight for student debt cancellation with Melissa Byrne, the Founder of We, the 45 Million. We’re looking at the background like how many students in the US have student debt, we’re getting into the weeds with members of Congress who’ve had their PPP loans canceled, we’re looking to the future with plans being negotiated now, and so much more. It’s a beginners guide to a big, big issue. 

EDITOR'S NOTE/CORRECTION: In our discussion of antisemitism, we stated Sephardic, but meant to say Mizrahi and Sephardic.

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