Reforming SCOTUS, Term Limits, & a 5-Point Plan with Congressman Ro Khanna

39m | Sep 27, 2023

By the time we hit release on this episode, we can only imagine another Clarence Thomas corruption scandal will have broken. I mean, one seems to drop every other minute, so the odds are in our favor for that, just not for fair and just outcomes of cases heard by the Court. Anyways, onto fixing that issue and the many others in the ethics department that impact not just the court’s operations but Congress’s too. Those solutions, which include term limits, are a part of Congressman Ro Khanna’s five point plan, which we discuss at length in this interview. We also talk about the specifics – how many years could you be a SCOTUS with the MOSTUS? Is it possible for Congress to limit this? What about Congress itself – should they have term limits? In this economy?! We get into all, and of course get a pulse on what it’s like in the halls of the Hill right now.

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