• Episode #60: Johnny Lynch / Pictish Trail (Isle of Eigg, UK)

    Welcome to episode #1 of Songs From a Padded Eiggvelope!

    Yep, we're joined by the truly splendid Johhny Lynch aka Pictish Trail for a funny, frank and fascinating conversation recorded back in May 2022.

    This is a wonderful conversation and an epsiode we're certain you're going to take lots from, dear listener.

    Huge thanks to Johnny for coming on the show. Please do take some time to check out his music, podcast and tell your friends!

    Love and thanks

    Steve and Ben xx


    1h 7m - Nov 13, 2022
  • Episode #59: Will Crewdson / Scant Regard (London, UK)

    Its been a while and our apologies for the radio silence! But we're back with Episode #59 and the very excellent Will Crewdson aka Scant Regard.

    Will is a lifetime musician with the stories to match and we are hugely grateful to him for coming on the show and speaking with us.

    Lots to explore in Will's back catalogue below, along with the wonderful RHLSTP (RHLSTP!) which led us to Will in the first place.

    Love and thanks

    Steve and Ben xx





    48m - Oct 29, 2022
  • Episode #58: Bobby Matador / Onieda (Brooklyn, USA)

    Welcome to the second of our two episodes featuring members of the fantastic Oneida, whose new album, Success, is about to be released.

    Founder member Bobby Matador is a guest par excellence! So giving with his time insights and enthusiasm for the podcast and we are hugely grateful. The resulting episode is a corker!

    Check out the brilliant, Success by Oneida (and we highly recommend a delve into their previous works too)!

    Love and thanks

    Steve and Ben xx



    1h 16m - Jul 30, 2022
  • Episode #57: John Colpitts aka Kid Millions / Oneida (Brooklyn, USA)

    Hello and welcome to episode #57 of Songs From a Padded Envelope.

    We're joined from Brooklyn by the supremely talented and prolific, John Colpitts aka Kid Millions who joined us to talk about his work with Oneida, his solo projects and many collaborations.

    So much to enjoy in the one and in exploring John's catalogue of stunning work.

    Love and thanks

    Steve and Ben xx




    1h 9m - Jul 9, 2022
  • Episode #56: Rudolf Buitendach and Jacques Womarans / Gargoyle Yawn/Haunted Sofa (Pretoria, South Africa)

    Welcome to episode #56 of the podcast and another unique and hugely enjoyable conversation with Rudolf Buitendach and Jacques Womarans.

    More than anything else, this is a story of friendship. Rudolf and Jacques take us back to Pretoria in the late 80's and share experiences unlike any we've heard before but with a kinship to so many previous guests.

    Sit back and enjoy the company of these two fine fellas to whom we are very grateful for coming on the show.

    As mentioned, here is a link to the wonderful Johnny Clegg as well as the bandcamp page for Haunted Sofa

    Love and thanks

    Steve and Ben

    Haunted Sofa on Bandcamp

    Johnny Clegg and Savuka

    1h 18m - Apr 23, 2022
  • Episode #55: Seja Vogel (Brisbane, Australia)

    Welcome to episode #55 with our guest, Seja Vogel.

    Seja is a fellow podcaster, which is where we came across her work. She makes the excellent HearSej podcast, which comes with a strong recommendation!

    Seja is an accomplished and highly experienced musician who has a deep love for all things synth, as this episode will attest to. She was a wonderful guest with a cool enthusiasm for her work, her music, her friendships and connections. That and nifty line in felt keyboards!

    Our sincere thanks to Seja for coming on the show. This is a really good one!

    Check out Seja's work below and don't forget to help us spread the work about the podcast if you can.

    Love and thanks

    Steve and Ben xx

    Seja's website

    HearSej Podcast

    Pul(sew)idth - Felt Keyboards

    1h 29m - Mar 27, 2022
  • Episode #54: Jens Zimmerman / The Innocent (Wolverhampton, UK)

    A random search through facebook music archives led us to today's guest, Jens Zimmerman. What a stroke of luck!

    Jens is a fantastic guest whose storytelling is chock full of energy and twists you just won't see coming.

    Sincere thanks to Jens for being such a generous guest!

    Love and thanks

    Steve and Ben xx

    Sound of the Suburbs - The Members

    1h 24m - Mar 6, 2022
  • Episode 53: Carl Roberts/Gintis (Abergele, UK)

    Welcome to episode #53 of the podcast and a long overdue conversation with our dear friend, Carl Roberts.

    Carl is a wonderful songwriter, primarily known as frontman for the irrepressibly brilliant, Gintis.

    This is an episode that's been waiting to happen since we started the show and it doesn't disappoint.

    Our gratitude to Carl for coming on the show and sharing the demo for, 'Hope is All We Have'.

    If you only click on one link today, click the one below for the performance of Gintis' masterpiece, 'Now I Know'. Then dive into the back catalogue. All Killer!

    Love and thanks

    Steve and Ben xx

    Now I Know (live)

    Gintis on Soundcloud

    1h 11m - Feb 13, 2022
  • Episode #52: Jonathan Steel (Benghazi, Libya)

    Hello and welcome to Episode #52 of Songs From a Padded Envelope!

    There has been a brief hiatus but we're back with a wonderful conversation with Libyan Metal guitarist, Jonathan Steele.

    This is another one of those episodes which is best left to unfold, as the conversation did for us. Needless to say we're very grateful to Jonathan for sharing his time and stories with us.

    Check out Jonathan's music through the links below and stayed tuned for some great new episodes lined up for the coming weeks.

    Love and thanks

    Steve and Ben xx

    Jonathan Steel on Bandcamp

    Jonathan Steel on Facebook

    1h 4m - Jan 30, 2022
  • Episode #51: Kate Sattler/Sweet Freeze (Portland, OR, USA

    Welcome to episode #51 of Song From a Padded Envelope and great conversation with Kate Sattler / Sweet Freeze.

    This episode rolled out before us in the most intriguing and fascinating ways and we're delighted to have asked Kate to come on the show.

    Please take some time to check out the links to Kate's work and that of the Foris Project, which is quite brilliant!

    Love and thanks

    Steve and Ben xx

    Sweet Freeze on Soundcloud

    Foris Choir

    UK Premiere of Approaching Shadows

    1h 10m - Nov 28, 2021
  • Episode #50 John Schmersal / Brainiac, John Stewart Mill, Enon, Crooks on Tape, Vertical Scratchers (LA, USA)

    Welcome to episode #50 of Songs From a Padded Envelope!

    We'll keep the show notes short as this is a bumper edition with so much to discover within.

    Huge thanks to John for being such a generous and enthusiastic guest. Do take some time to check out his work below.

    Spread the word, send us some stars and enjoy the show.

    Love and thanks

    Steve and Ben xx







    1h 38m - Nov 7, 2021
  • Episode #49: Elliot Atkins & Anthony Lee / The Embezzlers (Rugby, UK)

    Welcome to episode #49 and a warm, funny and engaging conversation with Elliot Atkins and Anthony Lee from The Embezzlers.

    This is almost a quintessential SFaPE episode with stories and conversation that typifies the reasons behind why we set the podcast up in the first place.

    Both are smart, honest, funny and giving throughout the conversation and we're hugely grateful to El and Ant for coming on.

    Love and thanks

    Steve and Ben xx




    Twitter: @SeventeenRecs

    1h 11m - Oct 23, 2021
  • Episode #48: Gabriel Prokofiev

    Welcome to episode #48 of Songs From a Padded Envelope! Our guest for this episode is classical composer and music producer, Gabriel Prokofiev.

    Gabriel joined us from his home in London and took us through some brilliantly insightful and engaging stories from across his creative life, as well as sharing a demo and completed version of one of his compositions.

    This was a great conversation and we definitely recommend taking some time to explore Gabriel's work and his fantastic Radio 3 programme: The Electronic Century.

    Love and thanks

    Steve and Ben xx



    1h 15m - Oct 3, 2021
  • Episode #47: Paul Richards / Heavy Load (Brighton, UK)

    As you might be able to pick up from the intro, this is an episode about which we are really excited. Paul Richards and his former band, Heavy Load, encapsulates so much of what unfettered creativity is about and present it in the most glorious of ways.

    Please check out the links below as they lead to some hugely important initiatives and a chance to delve into the music of the wonderful, Heavy Load.

    Love and thanks

    Steve and Ben xx

    Stay Up Late

    Gig Buddies

    Heavy Load Music

    1h 8m - Aug 28, 2021
  • Episode #46: Julian Lynch / Real Estate (Madison, WA, USA)

    Welcome to episode #46 of Songs From a Padded Envelope with our guest, Julian Lynch.

    Julian is a prolific musician, composer in his own right, as well as playing guitar for Real Estate. This conversation takes in all of this, along with some really fascinating conversation around his work as an ethnomusicologist.

    Sincere thanks to Julian for making time to speak with us. You can click on the links below to check out his work along with the finished version of the song, 'Also a But', for which two demo versions appear at the end of this episode.

    Love and thanks

    Steve and Ben xx

    'Also a But' - Real Estate

    Julian Lynch on Bandcamp

    Julian Lynch - Website

    1h 26m - Aug 9, 2021
  • Episode #45: Sigmund Zachariassen / Koboykex (Faroe Islands)

    Back to the Faroe Islands for Episode #45 and some laid back country vibes courtesy of Sigmund Zachariassen and his band, Koboykex.

    Siggy, who is also the guitarist for friends of the podcast, Joe and the Shitboys, joined us from his home to share some more insights into the creative scene of the Faroes and an approach to making music which is as inspiring as it gets. Lovely stuff.

    Big thanks to Siggy - check out links to some of his work and the projects we discuss in this episode.

    Love and thanks

    Steve and Ben xx

    Koboykex on Soundcloud

    Koboykex on Facebook

    TUTL Record Store


    1h 9m - Jul 24, 2021
  • Episode #44: Katie Spencer (Hull, UK)

    Welcome to episode #44 with our guest, Katie Spencer.

    We came across Katie's music through a Hull Music Archive site and in doing so have discovered some truly special songwriting.

    As you'll hear, Katie's brand of folk music is rooted in tradition but also faces forward, and is built through a genuine passion for the craft and music making.

    The demo Katie shares in this episode is a first for us, as you'll hear and we're hugely grateful to Katie for coming on the show and sharing it with us.

    We're sure you'll want to check out more of Katie's music, which you can do using the link below.

    Love and thanks

    Steve and Ben xx


    1h 4m - Jul 11, 2021
  • Episode #43: Patrick Flegel / Cindy Lee (Durham, NC, USA)

    Welcome to episode #43 of Songs From a Padded Envelope and a fantastic conversation with our guest, Patrick Flegel.

    Pat spoke to us from his basement studio, Realistik to discuss his music making past, present and future.

    This is a funny, warm and inspiring episode and the demo at the end speaks to the ideas and influences Pat describes in the most enjoyable of ways.

    Pat's work as Cindy Lee and Women comes highly recommended - links below.

    Love and thanks

    Steve and Ben xx

    Patrick Flegel on Bandcamp

    Pat Flegel on Discogs

    1h 20m - Jun 27, 2021
  • Episode #42: Andre Tschan (Lucerne, Switzerland and Wexford, Ireland)

    Andre Tschan joins us for episode #42 and a really fascinating and inspiring conversation which takes us from the Swiss punk scene of the late 1970's right up to the present day, through Andre's many musical projects and explorations.

    So much to take from this chat with Andre, not least of which is the lasting impact from a life of genuinely open creativity and community.

    Our thanks to Andre for coming on the show and if you would like to check out the books Andre mentions, there are links below.

    Love and thanks

    Steve and Ben xx

    Sedel Studios, Lucerne


    Swiss Punk Radio Show

    1h 43m - Jun 14, 2021
  • Episode #41: Pete Cole / Farnborough Groove (Farnborough, UK)

    Champion of grass-roots music, Pete Cole, joins us for episode #41 of the show.

    Inspired by our conversation with Sid Stovold on ep#35, we reached out to Pete to talk about his 30+ years of supporting bands and musicians through his Farnborough Groove compilation series.

    Now that's what we call commitment!

    Check out the series through the links below and our sincere thanks to Pete for coming on the show!

    Love and thanks

    Steve and Ben xx

    Farnborough Groove on Facebook

    Farnborough Groove on Bandcamp

    59m - May 29, 2021
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