Episode #55: Seja Vogel (Brisbane, Australia)

1h 29m | Mar 27, 2022

Welcome to episode #55 with our guest, Seja Vogel.

Seja is a fellow podcaster, which is where we came across her work. She makes the excellent HearSej podcast, which comes with a strong recommendation!

Seja is an accomplished and highly experienced musician who has a deep love for all things synth, as this episode will attest to. She was a wonderful guest with a cool enthusiasm for her work, her music, her friendships and connections. That and nifty line in felt keyboards!

Our sincere thanks to Seja for coming on the show. This is a really good one!

Check out Seja's work below and don't forget to help us spread the work about the podcast if you can.

Love and thanks

Steve and Ben xx

Seja's website

HearSej Podcast

Pul(sew)idth - Felt Keyboards

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