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2 Bulls In A China Shop

Have you ever ruined a lunch by talking non-stop about the stock market? Having annoyed their significant others enough, Dan and Kyle started this show to share their experiences with other like-minded market aficionados. Every Saturday, they look at market moving news, hot stocks to watch and even a little crypto for good measure. On Wednesdays, they put on their slightly more professional hats to talk to options and futures traders, authors, financial experts and CEOs.

Join us for a fun and laid back, yet honest conversation for all things finance!



09-29-22: British Bond Buying can't save Truth Social
Show Details21min 47s
Kevin Rendino, CEO of 180 Degree Capital (TURN)
Show Details1hr 1min
09-27-22: British Pound Sinks on Deli Fraud News
Show Details19min 49s
Round Table, Square Traders: Ft. Fleri and Joel
Show Details1hr 12min
09-21-22: Don't Cook Your FOMC Dotplots in NyQuil
Show Details29min 36s
Erik Smolinski: Host of esInvests
Show Details1hr 6min
09-20-22: Your Guide to Nvidia Sanctions and BYND Cannibalism
Show Details19min 28s
09-17-22: While Do Kwon Flees, Will There be a Silver Squeeze?
Show Details1hr 2min
09-14-22: Cathie Wood Deflates TSLA shorts
Show Details18min 30s
James Woodall: CFP and Founder of Woodall Wealth Management
Show Details58min 21s
09-13-22: Insider Crypto Trading the Railroad Strike
Show Details19min 35s
09-09-22: 2 Bulls Podcast: BofA Revises Recession Forecast while Traders are Holding in Natural Gas
Show Details56min 30s
Shlomo Freund: Creator of Free Financial Self
Show Details41min 25s
09-06-22: Instagram fined for doxing kids over OPEC output
Show Details18min 6s
Back to the Futures with OrderFlow Labs: Ep. 4, Building a Plan ft. Leo
Show Details1hr 19min
09-03-22: Slowing Sales of Homes, Pelosi's Skills Overblown
Show Details1hr 5min
09-01-22: Big Crypto Refund won't save Bed Bath & Beyond
Show Details16min 52s
Phil Muscatello: Host of Stocks for Beginners
Show Details55min 25s
08-27-2022: Powell brings the Pain, Biden makes it Rain
Show Details1hr 3min
CC Lagator: Founder of Options AI
Show Details1hr 3min
08-23-22: Starbucks Kidnaps Ryan Cohen from a Bed Bath & Beyond
Show Details20min 25s
08-20-22: Buffett Splurges, Ethereum Merges
Show Details1hr 4min
08-18-2022: Cramer says Crypto Hacking a buy
Show Details19min 3s
Joe Saul-Sehy: Host of the Stacking Benjamins Podcast
Show Details1hr 6min
08-16-22: Interest rates hit 69% in Argentina, and it isn't a sex joke.
Show Details15min 53s
08-13-22: Crypto for BlackRock, Delisting for Chinese Stocks
Show Details59min 42s
08-11-22: Musk Sale Brings Down Google Search
Show Details16min 41s
Sammie Ellard-King: Founder of Up the Gains
Show Details51min 58s
08-09-22: AMZN Robots Spying on Your Chicken Consumption
Show Details18min 48s
08-06-22: INTC Denies Delays, Nomad Asks to Parlay
Show Details1hr 1min
08-04-22: AMC Earnings fall faster than Mortgage Rates
Show Details20min 10s
Lance Belline: CFP and Author of More Wealth, Less Taxes
Show Details47min 44s
08-01-22: Pelosi Investigates Massive Crypto Ponzi Scheme in Taiwan
Show Details17min 52s
Back To The Futures with OrderFlow Labs: Ep. 3, Volume Profile
Show Details1hr 3min
07-30-22: Recession gets Redefined, AAPL's Revenue Continues Climb
Show Details1hr 12min
Jason Lawhorn: Day Trader and Host of Completely Off the Rails
Show Details56min 11s
07-27-22: Slowing Home Sales Spook Walmart Earnings in Ukraine
Show Details16min 41s
07-26-22: Employment Up... But it's also Child Labor.
Show Details18min 15s
07-23-22: TWTR Blames Musk, DOGE Reduces Dust?
Show Details1hr
Kira Turner: Professional Stock and Options Trader at T3 Live
Show Details52min 16s
07-16-22: Go Big! Says Bullard, Crypto Not Insured
Show Details54min 9s
Roger Khoury: CEO of Market Forecasting Academy
Show Details1hr 2min
Stephen Mathai-Davis: Founder and CEO of Q.ai
Show Details48min 19s
Kyrill Asatur: CEO of Centerfin
Show Details56min 5s
07-02-22: SEC Ethics Fine, Uganda Hits The Gold Mine
Show Details1hr 3min
Back to the Futures with Orderflow Labs: Ep. 2, Auction Theory
Show Details1hr 20min
Paul Halme: Former Stockbroker and 2x Bestselling Author
Show Details59min 6s
06-25-22: Bullard calms, Consumers got qualms
Show Details1hr 1min
Joseph Hogue: CFA and Host of Let's Talk Money
Show Details54min 44s
6-18-22: Call it a Recession Not a Crash, Amazon Burns through Staff
Show Details55min 39s
Designated Quizzers Become Stock Market Wizards
Show Details1hr 2min
06-11-22: Inflation Just Won't Quit, Tesla Can't Help but Split
Show Details1hr 3min
After Hours: Guests get pulled for Ask A Bull
Show Details53min 34s
6-4-22: Biden shifts blame, Meta still Lame
Show Details58min 15s
Gordon Stein: Author of the Cashflow Cookbook
Show Details55min 7s
Back to the Futures with Orderflow Labs: Episode 1, Building the Foundation
Show Details1hr 3min
05-28-22: Strippers Calling Recession, FED Shows QT Progression
Show Details59min 41s
Joe Cecala: Founder and CEO of Dream Exchange
Show Details1hr 1min
05-21-22: Citadel Blames Retail, Bullard's Bulls Prevail
Show Details59min 28s
Dr. Bruce Liu: CEO of Esoterica Capital
Show Details56min 23s
05-14-22: Under New Management
Show Details1hr 4min
Matthew Murawski: Financial Planner at Goodstein Wealth Management
Show Details1hr 2min
05-08-22: In Search of Bottom Fisher
Show Details1hr 8min
Cody Willard: Founder of SKTLS Crypto
Show Details1hr
04-30-22: The Day the Bulls Died
Show Details1hr 8min
Jared Bibler, Iceland's Secret pt. 2
Show Details1hr
04-23-22: Powell Still Hawking while the Markets Keep Dropping
Show Details1hr 4min
Derrick Oldensmith: Vice President of Trading and Education
Show Details58min 21s
04-15-2022: Musk Insinuates Dump, Woods Prefers Pump
Show Details58min 41s
Herald van der Linde: Author of Asia's Stock Markets from the Ground Up
Show Details1hr 1min
04-09-22: The Recession Progression
Show Details1hr 1min
Leo and Fleri, OrderFlow Labs Returns
Show Details1hr 6min
04-02-22: House Votes on Grass, While Biden Taps That Gas
Show Details1hr 5min
Anthony Fatseas, Host of WTFinance Returns!
Show Details1hr 3min
03-26-2021: MJ Getting Legislated while Florida Man Gets Educated
Show Details1hr 2min
03-23-2022: Anthony Vicino, Invicitus Capital
Show Details58min 51s
03-19-2022: Rate Hike Inline, AMC Buys Gold Mine
Show Details59min 48s
Eric Mason: Economist, CFO
Show Details53min 11s
03-11-22: Meme Stock Surge and the Dreaded "R" Word
Show Details58min 36s
2 Bulls in a China Shop - 2022 Trailer
Show Details2min 50s
Rich Friesen: Author of A Private Conversation with Money and Founder of Mind Muscles for Traders
Show Details50min 56s
03-05-2022: Fed wrong again & War doesn't make friends
Show Details56min 52s
Kevin White: The SPY Trader with Tegrity
Show Details53min 46s
02-26-22: 2 Bulls Podcast: Friday's Market Tear, Musk Pokes the Bear
Show Details56min 36s
Ian Fraser, Author of Shredded: Inside RBS, The Bank That Broke Britain
Show Details1hr 11min
02-19-2022: Cathie Woods Gets Mad and the Glut of Crypto Ads
Show Details1hr 3min
Jonathan Baird, The Global Investment Letter
Show Details50min 51s
02-12-2022: Inflation Rises and the Ukrainian Crisis
Show Details59min 51s
Fleri and Leo: OrderFlow Labs
Show Details52min 28s
02-05-22: Earnings Report Fails while The Jobs Report Sails
Show Details1hr 1min
Sarah Glass, The Queen of Order Flow
Show Details52min 50s
01-29-21: Musk Feels Snubbed & China Fight Club
Show Details56min 1s
TRADEPRO Academy Workshop Review with Victorio
Show Details51min 10s
01-22-2022: PTON Pains & 5G Airplanes
Show Details52min 38s
James Fok: Author of Financial Cold War
Show Details47min 10s
01-15-21: Fed Takes a New Deuce, NFT Thieves on the Loose
Show Details1hr 1min
Jared Bibler, Author of Iceland's Secret
Show Details59min 45s
01-08-22: Learn, Laugh, Lose
Show Details55min 55s
Festivus Special Part C: Ross Klein, Anthony Fatseas, Obi Onyejekwe, Edmund McCormack and Dr. G
Show Details1hr 24min
Festivus Special Pt. 2: Dr. Hans, Sarah Glass, & David Moadel
Show Details1hr 9min
Festivus Special Part I: TRADEPRO's George and Vico
Show Details44min 1s
James Mcinnes, Founder and CEO of Odd Burger
Show Details54min 16s
12-18-21: Sorry SEC, We Didn't Know We Couldn't Do That...
Show Details1hr 3min
2 Bulls Bonus: Round 3 with Rich Friesen
Show Details51min 10s
12-11-21: Musk May Retire as Inflation goes Higher
Show Details55min 26s
Monthly Review: It's Never Sunny in November
Show Details37min 49s
12-04-21: China Needs Water & No Digi Dollar
Show Details1hr 5min
2 Bulls Bonus: Putting 2021 In Review
Show Details40min 43s
11-26-21: COVID, Ruler of Planet Omicron Persei 8
Show Details59min 14s
2 Bulls Bonus: Matt Reiner, CFA, CPA... Too Many to List
Show Details59min 29s
11-20-21: The Taper Rate is Transitory
Show Details1hr 4min
Deborah W. Ellis: CFP at Cogent Independent Advisors
Show Details48min 46s
11-13-21: We'll Have What the House is Buying
Show Details1hr 6min
Allen Sama, The Options Genius
Show Details51min 16s
11-06-21: Say "Transitory" One More Time... We Dare You...
Show Details58min 34s
October Review: Answering the Burning Questions
Show Details51min 48s
10-30-21: Tuesdays with Leeson
Show Details1hr 6min
Ross Klein, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Changebridge Capital
Show Details58min 24s
Anthony Fatseas, Host of WTFinance
Show Details56min 56s
10-16-2021: Our Bet Picks are Mediocre and Christmas in October??
Show Details1hr 3min
Dr. G meets Technical Analysis
Show Details40min 13s
10-9-21: Oil Pops & New Crypto Cops
Show Details1hr 1min
September Review: Bulls & Pros
Show Details1hr 2min
2 Bulls Podcast: Shipping Delays Worsen, Consequences are Burnin'
Show Details1hr 1min
TRADEPRO's Victorio Returns
Show Details1hr 1min
09-25-21: Please Define Transitory, China Bans Cryptocurrency
Show Details1hr 2min
Talking Crypto with Shahar Abrams
Show Details52min 19s
9-18-21: Fed has No Urgency, Crypto Not Currency??
Show Details59min 52s
Interview with Dr. Adams, Ventripoint Diagnostics CEO
Show Details1hr 2min
09-11-21: Insider Feds & Bezos Fights Death
Show Details59min 58s
After Hours: Sheep In The Shop
Show Details59min 28s
09-04-21: Jobs Report Disappoints, SPCE's Plans Spoilt
Show Details1hr 2min
August Review: Back to the Futures
Show Details1hr 6min
8-28-21 Jerome's Jackson Hole & Cyber Security Goals
Show Details59min 7s
After Hours: 50 Shades of Consequences
Show Details40min 32s
08/21/21: Fed Appears Disjointed, Uber/Lyft get Disappointed
Show Details1hr 1min
Infrastructure has cracks, Crypto Hacker Gives Back
Show Details1hr 2min
Greek Style Options
Show Details49min 12s
08-07-21: Executive Orders and Robinhood Shorters
Show Details1hr 6min
July in Review w/ George Papazov
Show Details1hr 14min
07-31-21: Cali Attacks Ham, while HOOD IPO Slammed
Show Details1hr 18min
Edmund McCormack: Dchained Founder and CEO
Show Details1hr 3min
07-24-21: Bitcoin Electric & Virgin Galadick
Show Details1hr 15min
7-16-21: Inflation and Bear flirtations
Show Details1hr 7min
Chris Mamula: The Retirement Guru
Show Details51min 56s
07-10-21: Biden Targets Tech while Germans Suppress it
Show Details1hr 17min
June in Review w/ George Papazov
Show Details1hr 29min
07-03-21: CVM Curing Cancer, but Stock Falls Faster
Show Details1hr 10min
6-26-21: DOW resumes course, Bitcoin seeks support
Show Details1hr 12min
The TRADEPRO Trifecta: Interview with Sarah Glass
Show Details1hr
6-19-21: Quad Witching and Lordstown B****ing
Show Details1hr 20min
Crypto Interview with Alex Greengaard
Show Details52min 44s
6-12-21: The big race for Billionaires....In.... Spaaaace!
Show Details1hr 13min
Interview with Antibe CEO Dan Legault
Show Details49min 25s
6-5-21: Excellent Job Reports and Squeezing Naked Shorts
Show Details1hr 20min
May In Review
Show Details1hr 2min
05-29-21: Meme Stocks Start to Boil, Hedge Funds Hunt Oil
Show Details1hr 10min
Show Details51min 37s
05-22-21: SEC Charges Outfit, Mormon Church Profits
Show Details1hr 6min
Bonus Episode: Victorio Stefanov
Show Details59min 12s
05-15-21: AMC Coiled, Colonial Pipeline Foiled
Show Details1hr 9min
Bonus Episode: Calling Doctor Hans
Show Details1hr 4min
05-08-21 FSC Looking Bought, Patent Owners Distraught
Show Details1hr 10min
April In Review
Show Details1hr 1min
05-01-21 AMC sets up nicely, Lumber gets pricey
Show Details1hr 3min
Beginning Investing: Comedians on Podcasts getting Invested with Eddie Pence
Show Details1hr 5min
04-24-21 Menthols forbidden, Bezos goes villain?
Show Details1hr 6min
Bonus Episode: 4/20 with Jennifer Beck
Show Details55min 32s
04-17-21 Coinbase IPOs, Credit Suisse Woes
Show Details1hr 10min
Bonus Episode: Richard Friesen pt. II
Show Details1hr
04-10-21 - Melvin Capital's losses, Ryan Cohen Bosses
Show Details1hr 7min
March 2021 In Review
Show Details53min 16s
4-3-21 Archegos Bye-Bye, EV Chargers Multiply
Show Details1hr 6min
Bonus Episode: Nick Prouten, LODE Project Ambassador
Show Details54min 12s
3-27-21 Suez Canal Dock Blocks while China Urges boycotts
Show Details1hr 8min
Options 101 with Christopher Boorman
Show Details1hr 19min
03-20-21 Bond Yields Attack, Blackstone echoes SPACs
Show Details1hr 5min
Bonus Episode: Sue Pullen
Show Details52min 46s
3-13-21 Ant (Group) Creamed, Cannabis not so Green
Show Details1hr 4min
Bonus Episode: David Moadel, Portfolio Wealth Global
Show Details58min 10s
3-6-21 Tech Stocks Crack while Rocket goes SPAC
Show Details1hr 1min
Bonus Episode: Obi Onyejekwe from UNOMI
Show Details52min 47s
2-27-21 Gamestop 2 Electric Boogaloo
Show Details56min 26s
Bonus Episode: Richard Friesen, Trader Extraordinaire!
Show Details59min 12s
2-20-21 Looking at Option plays while QuantumScape slays
Show Details1hr 1min
Bonus Episode: George Papazov from TradePro Academy
Show Details1hr 5min
2-13-21 Marijuana deflates, SPCE just waits
Show Details59min 40s
Bonus Episode: Retail Investment Strategies and Bitcoin with Sean
Show Details44min 11s
2-6-21 Virgin Galactic cruises while Robinhood loses
Show Details58min 50s
01-30-21 Gamestop F*cks the Hedge Funds, Robinhood tries to diddle the little guy..
Show Details57min 30s
Episode GME - The Empire Strikes Back
Show Details30min 34s
1-23-21 Jumia jumps and BofA slumps
Show Details1hr 2min
Bonus Episode: Passiv.com
Show Details32min
1-16-21 Anticipatory Taxation Contemplation
Show Details1hr 1min
1-9-21 Pot Stocks Storm the Capitol
Show Details1hr 2min
Bonus Episode: Beginner Trading
Show Details41min 8s
1-2-21 Blink Energy Pain and Delisting China
Show Details50min 50s
12-26-2020 Santa Clause Rally and Bed Bath & Beyond
Show Details55min 24s
12-19-2020 Robinhood Swindling & Jumia
Show Details54min 55s
12-12-2020 Stimulus Woes and GameStop Fails
Show Details59min 11s
12-5-2020 Virgin Galactic and Riding Volatility
Show Details1hr
11-28-2020 Nordstrom & Vaccines
Show Details43min 19s
11-21-2020 EV Madness & Mayhem
Show Details50min 10s
11-14-2020 Fun with China
Hide Details50min 4s

Join us as we discuss some big moves from this past week, including a particularly large Blunder of Dan's.


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