The Role of QA in Trading: Ft. Brian McAboy

43m | Jun 6, 2024

Brian McAboy, founder of Inside Out Trading and Host of Consistent Profits joins Kyle to discuss how he uses aspects of Quality Assurance in his trading. He emphasizes the need for traders to develop themselves and focus on consistency. Brian also highlights the skills and training required for successful trading, drawing parallels to business investment and management. The conversation delves into the psychological aspects of trading and the necessity of proper training to overcome challenges. We then examine the influence of one’s background on trading success, the parallels between trading and small business ownership and the significance of seeking outside help for trading success.

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About Brian:

Brian McAboy started trading back in the 1990's and has been helping traders become successful traders since January 2006.  He is a retired Project Engineer, Process Engineer and Quality Engineer.

During Brian’s first year of trading, he made the common mistake of underestimating what it takes to be a trader and didn’t pay the markets or this occupation the proper respect. As a result, he paid a hefty price of over $45,000, loads of personal capital and nearly lost his marriage over it.

Fortunately, Brian had the Quality Assurance experience working in manufacturing. When he applied the Quality Assurance methodology to his trading, he found that it works amazingly well, just like it has in the business world for decades to get struggling operations under control and predictably profitable.

He then also applied his business acumen to further build that solid foundation that nearly all traders don’t get to really give him a solid base and peace of mind. Brian teaches these same success practices and methods to traders so that they can fill the gap in their training as well and enjoy relaxed, profitable trading too.

Brian’s years of experience Quality Assurance and Business Consulting allow him to provide unique, effective and refreshing resources to the traders of the world. His focus is helping traders achieve self-sufficiency through the application of Quality and Business principles and practices that result in proficiency and success.

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