“They Drew First Blood” - Humanity Follow-up w/ Andrew (AKA Bigfoot)

1h 16m | Jun 13, 2024

Andrew (Formerly known as Bigfoot) returns this week with Kyle and Cleo to take a deeper dive into parts work. In this episode, they discuss the psychological aspects of trading, including the impact of beliefs and assumptions on trading decisions. They explore the concept of parts work and its application in understanding and confronting trading beliefs. The hosts share personal experiences and insights, highlighting the dichotomy of core beliefs and the struggle between idealism and realism in trading. The conversation delves into the challenges of trading, the impact of PNL on trading behavior, the need for discipline, and the importance of having a plan and a mission. It also explores the concept of randomness in the market, the role of different personality traits in trading, and the significance of having fun and lightening up the seriousness of trading. Andrew then delves into the concept of creating a new identity for oneself in the trading world, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness, personal responsibility, and the pursuit of happiness.

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About Andrew:

Andrew is primarily an intra-day futures trader focused on ES and NQ. Coming from a career in creative work and a background in extreme endurance sports, Andrew found markets to be the perfect combination of technical attention to detail and mental resolve.

At Long Winter Trading Company, we believe that trading is hard.

That’s what we love about it. Trading is perhaps the most difficult career path a person can take. They must face the unknown each day and do it with their own capital with countless variables at play. We don’t expect trading to come easy. We don’t expect trading to allow you to remain in your current state. We do expect that, when mastered, trading can provide both a lifestyle and knowledge of self that is well beyond the normal person.

Thoughtful creative expression has a way of changing a person. This site is simply a mechanism for self-change and the pursuit of that which has value.

Long Winter Trading Co.

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About Cleo:

Cleo has been learning to trade for the past 3 years and is an active member of the Vanta community. She came to trading through the angle of personal development, and she sees trading as an amazing way to get to know oneself as well as expand one's capacities. Cleo's professional background is in leadership development and facilitation. She has facilitated thousands to communicate in authentic and compelling ways. She loves being in the seat of curiosity. Cleo has worked with executives, corporate groups, religious groups, middle school students, groups of women, families, and couples. Her current focus is the CA criminal legal system, advocating for holistic approaches such as restorative justice and community-based violence prevention. Having played in the crypto and futures markets for the last three years, Cleo sees trading as one of the most challenging things to undertake and is particularly interested in what it takes to become a consistently profitable and well-rounded trader.

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