The Markets Need a Catalyst to Go Down, Ft. MacroTactical - Round Table

1h 13m | Feb 11, 2024

On this week’s Roundtable, MacroTactical drops in to join a discussion about the mental side of trading. He emphasizes the need for traders to be familiar with their strategies and the market conditions they are trading in and also stresses the importance of brutal honesty and self-reflection in order to identify and address weaknesses. The hosts share personal experiences and provide insights on how to overcome mental challenges and stick to a trading plan. They also highlight the mental toll of pressing trades and the need for confidence and data to build trust in your trading process. They share their good, bad, and ugly moments of the week and discuss the importance of catalysts when fading a strong market before making Bold Predictions on what the ATHs will be next week…

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About the Panelists:

Baba Yaga:

Solving problems, helping set goals and refining processes is the bulk of Baba's passion. He does that in many contexts, ranging from non-profits to real estate and everything in between. He focuses on market structure through the lens of TPO charting and executes based on volume, misplaced large orders and Delta. He loves the opening range breakout and typically trades the market from the "inside out."

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Like the markets he trades, Macro is an untameable stallion

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