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The Our Cancer Journey Podcast is a place for those impacted by Cancer, their caregivers, their loved ones and also those wishing to prevent illness. 

Our podcast is more than a program about cancer, it's a conversation about life and how we can make ours better.

Together we explore ways we can optimize our lives through the experiences of diagnosis, treatments and beyond into the future of Survivorship. 

We discuss ways to help YOU feel better, live happier, expand your self-empowerment, and enhance your life experience. It is more than a podcast about medicine, or even Cancer. It is about you, the Whole Person, and tips, ideas and strategies to possibly improve your cancer journey and make your life better.

Hosted by unique storyteller and unconventional creator Bruce Watkins, the Our Cancer Journey Podcast provides a unique voice to people in the cancer community that transcends the conventional medical and patient experience-based shows.

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#011 - Lung Cancer Advocacy - Terri Ann DiJulio & The Gift Of Our Beautiful Lives
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#009 - From Caregiver, to Surviving Cancer, to Patient Support Advocate Part 1 - Joe Bullock
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#008 - Ovarian Cancer, Giving Back and Australian’s AusLitTeal Awareness - Sirin Steele
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#004 - BONUS - Show Launch Update and Our Cancer Journey Podcast Website & Facebook
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#003 - Restorative Yoga Part 2 - Tips for Your First Oncology Yoga Class & Recovery - Kathleen Ross-Allee
Show Details1hr 6min
#002 - Restorative Yoga and Your Recovery - Kathleen Ross-Allee
Hide Details28min 49s

In this "Part 1” episode of an extended interview with Kathleen Ross-Allee (see bio below), we introduce the concept of oncology yoga and recovery yoga. We discuss how this new collaborative health practice is being integrated with modern Western medicine to improve patient treatment outcomes. And, in the true Our Cancer Journey Podcast style, we have some fun along the way. Make sure to listen to the upcoming “Part 2” episode of this interview, where we'll talk more about tips when attending your first recovery yoga class, and also the reality of class “group dynamics” that will help you get the most out of your oncology yoga experience.

Key Discussion Points and Takeaways from this Our Cancer Journey Episode:

  • Understanding the difference between traditional yoga and specialized Oncology Yoga 
  • What training and certifications are involved to become a Oncology Yoga Therapist 
  • How to access an Oncology Yoga Therapist and an appropriate yoga program that is integrated with your medical treatments
  • How to access a Oncology Yoga Therapist if your medical providers do not have an approved program

References and Resources mentioned in this Episode:

Episode Guest(s): Kathleen Ross-Allee

Kathleen Ross-Allee is currently the Managing Director and Instructor of the Loyola Marymount University Yoga Therapy Rx program (the first university accredited program in the United States), and a Certified Yoga Therapist and Clinical Health Educator for Thrive Yoga Therapy at Kaiser Permanente where she helps patients address a variety of health issues. She participated in developing and enhancing integrative post-rehabilitation and yoga therapy programs and exercise programs at world-leading hospitals such as Cedars Sinai-Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Center and others. Kathleen continues to teach yoga therapy as well as speak at Patient Support centers, schools and conferences throughout the Country. Read more about Kathleen in this recent article from a Cancer support group:

Episode Host: Bruce Watkins

A Father, Cancer survivor, podcaster, writer & content creator, speaker, voice-over artist, facilitator/moderator, traveler, cultural explorer, humanitarian, giving-back & minimalist evangelist, music enthusiast, former Corporate people leader, and curious soul who transformed into an unapologetically optimistic and unpretentious advocate of Life-Optimization for all. 

After surviving Cancer and other life-changing experiences in 2017, Bruce gave away most of his possessions, left his home behind and began traveling, writing, volunteering, and giving-back. Learn more:

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Published Dec 4, 2020 at 8:48pm
#001 - Introduction: About the Our Cancer Journey Podcast
Show Details13min 15s