#008 - Ovarian Cancer, Giving Back and Australian’s AusLitTeal Awareness - Sirin Steele

Season 1 | Episode 8
49m | May 2, 2021

Australian Cancer Survivor and lead of the AusLitTeal awareness and advocacy campaign to “Lite Australia TEAL” joins us to discuss survivorship, and moving through an unexpected Ovarian Cancer diagnosis to find meaning in lighting up her whole country Teal. Her remarkable story takes us through her personal transformation from Mother, trained engineer and someone pursuing her conventional life to being driven to raise awareness, empower patients and get more medical attention paid to the deadliest of gynecological cancers. 


Key Discussion Points and Takeaways from this Our Cancer Journey Podcast Episode:

  • How to spot early signs of Ovarian Cancer 
  • How the “whispers of Ovarian Cancer” are often misdiagnosed
  • The importance of self-advocacy and asking directly for Ovarian Cancer detection testing
  • The story of how humble giving-back efforts led to a Country-wide campaign to raise cancer awareness
  • Ways of “giving back,” and how everyone can participate
  • The benefit of proactive doctors and direct conversations with health care practitioners
  • How a “quirky, eccentric and direct” doctor helped her to process the news of Cancer and become grounded
  • The importance of reaching out for support and engaging with support groups (when you are ready), and listening to your heart


References and Resources mentioned in this Episode:

Episode Guest(s): Sirin Steele:

Sirin Steele is an Australian citizen, mother, trained engineer, and an Ovarian Cancer survivor. After recovering from her cancer treatments, she experienced a life transformation to become a leading cancer advocate in her country. Starting by giving-back in simple and small ways, Sirin was eventually contacted by Susan Glynn, a passionate Ovarian Cancer advocate from Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada (literally half-way around the world). Susan asked Sirin if she could help raise awareness about Ovarian Cancer by “Lighting Up Her City in Teal” (the official color of Ovarian Cancer advocacy). Hesitant at first, Sirin agreed to assist. What started as an attempt to request one building in her home town of Melbourne, Australia to light its facade Teal evolved into a now multi-year Nation-Wide awareness Campaign. 

Episode Host: Bruce Watkins

A Father, Cancer survivor, podcaster, writer & content creator, speaker, voice-over artist, facilitator/moderator, traveler, cultural explorer, humanitarian, giving-back & minimalist evangelist, music enthusiast, former Corporate people leader, and curious soul who transformed into an unapologetically optimistic and unpretentious advocate of Life-Optimization for all. 

After surviving Cancer and other life-changing experiences in 2017, Bruce gave away most of his possessions, left his home behind and began traveling, writing, volunteering, and giving-back. Learn more:

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