Celebrating 40 Years Of Service And The Lessons Learned Along The Way With Martin Silverman

25m | Feb 16, 2023

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Martin Silverman has been working in education for 40 years! In this episode he shares about some of the things he learned through the years and adds some advice from the experiences he's gained along the way.


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Check out Martin's podcast, The Second Question

Martin Silverman is a father, grandfather, husband, and long-time educator in beautiful San Antonio, Texas. He is committed to providing the best educational experience for the students and families at Salinas Elementary school where he is the principal. Martin has worked as a teacher and administrator in urban, suburban, and rural districts. His interests are creating and nurturing school culture, providing enriching experiences for students and families, and developing future teachers and administrators. As a former bilingual teacher and administrator, Martin is committed to providing ELL students with quality programs to develop their unique skills. He hosts a podcast called The Second Question, which highlights educators and provides them a forum to discuss ideas, and honor the teachers that have influenced their lives. He is also part of a trio of Texas educators that host the podcast The Texan Connection


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