Side Hustle Series: An Integrated Framework & Sharing It Through Professional Development

33m | Feb 15, 2024

In our first episode of the Side Hustle Series, the dynamic duo, Kara Rigsby and Megan Diede, from Integrated discuss their unique approach to providing instruction. They also share the ins and outs of how they approach the business side of their work.

Megan and Kara are educational leaders, professional development experts, and current educators who have a passion to create positive change in education, transforming schools into empowering spaces and students into confident, lifelong learners equipped for success in an ever-evolving world.

With over two decades of collective expertise in the classroom, this dynamic team has dedicated the past seven years to crafting the IntegratED Framework. This innovative tool empowers educators to elevate their instruction and amplify their impact by seamlessly integrating purposeful content into their teaching approach. Our focus is on fostering student engagement, enhancing teacher effectiveness, nurturing creativity, and facilitating robust student growth.

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