#9 Dr. Kilan C. Ashad-Bishop on Advocating for Social Change and Uplifting Black Women in STEM

Season 1 | Episode 9
33m | Jul 14, 2020

Dr. Kilan C. Ashad-Bishop is a Biomedical Scientist and advocate for social change. After she earned a PhD in Cancer Biology, she was able to carve out the perfect career as a postdoctoral researcher at University of Miami School of Education and Human Development and the Director of College Access for Breakthrough Miami. 

She volunteers with K-12 and collegiate STEM programs to provide students with access to STEM education, she also serves as the Vice Chair of the City of Miami Climate Resilience Committee. 

She has also confounded STEMnoire - a research conference and holistic wellness retreat for women of the African diaspora in the STEM fields. 

I’m sure all of you are going to be inspired by her story!

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