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Women Decode STEM

A weekly podcast where women in science, engineering, technology and mathematics fields (STEM) share their stories. Featuring leaders, engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs and more. The goal of this podcast is to discuss career advice, gender equality and mentorship.


#20 Swaathi Kakarla of Skcript
Show Details38min 34s
#19 Stephanie Itimi of Seidea
Show Details39min 10s
#18 Rebekah Bastian of OwnTrail
Show Details30min 13s
#17 Anna Western of Prism
Show Details27min 30s
#16 Zoe Chew on No Code Product Building
Show Details29min 57s
#15 Dr Quinn Wang of Quadrant Eye
Show Details36min 10s
#14 Arjita Sethi of Equally
Show Details30min 9s
#13 Anne-Laure Le Cunff of Ness Labs
Show Details24min 45s
#12 Asra Nadeem of Opus AI
Show Details27min 4s
#11 Briana Brownell of Pure Strategy
Show Details31min 47s
#10 Dr. Shawna Pandya on experiences and learnings in Space Medicine
Show Details31min 54s
#9 Dr. Kilan C. Ashad-Bishop on Advocating for Social Change and Uplifting Black Women in STEM
Show Details33min 22s
#8 Shivalee Duduskar on Immunology and being a Scientific Illustrator
Show Details23min 32s
#7 Richu Channakeshava on the Role and Responsibilities of a Product Manager
Show Details31min 23s
#6 Dr. Ranjani Deshpande on History of Ayurveda and its Current Practice
Show Details28min 20s
#5 Yasneen Ashroff on Career in Data Engineering
Show Details26min 18s
#4 Anisha Kulkarni on Career Transition for Experienced Engineers and Effective Mentorship
Show Details23min 2s
#3 Lakshmi Sudheer on Careers in Cybersecurity and Protecting Yourself from Cyber Crimes
Show Details30min 27s
#2 Hiranmayi Shankavaram on Urban Development in a Developing Country
Show Details30min 15s
#1 Dr. Isabel Torres on How to be a Science Communicator and Advice for Working Mothers
Show Details25min 37s
Introducing: Women Decode STEM podcast!
Show Details1min 58s