Are You a Soul Professional? A conversation with Camille Miller

43m | Oct 18, 2023

I’ve been an entrepreneur for much of my life, first as a psychotherapist in private practice and now as a mentor for conscious entrepreneurs and visionary leaders, activating and amplifying their connection with Source. Soul and spirit are being recognized in business as the great differentiator: often in terms of overall success, but certainly for connection with purpose, well-being, and profound creative solutions. My guest today understands this and has created a community that directly supports this evolution. Stay tuned!

Camille Miller MBA is recognized as the pioneer of the Soul Professional Movement. She is on a quest to assist entrepreneurs in building authentic businesses that impact the world. She founded the first global professional organization celebrating the evolution of soul-aligned entrepreneurs who are ready to awaken their financial and spiritual potential. Camille is a transformational leader and influencer in the field of entrepreneurship. She is the lead author of The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Soul-Aligned Business and The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Successful Soul Professional: 22 Powerful Strategies to Grow Your Soul Aligned Business.

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