Ep. 38: Maggie Slighte, p. 1 - Rebel for God

54m | Jan 31, 2022

Today we will be sharing the conversation we had with Maggie Slighte back in 2021. Maggie is well known in the Mormon podcasting community, as one-fourth of the now-concluded podcast, Strangers No More, which joined wHoly Human in the Dialogue Podcast Network in 2021.

But Maggie's creative juices haven't stopped flowing! They are a rebel, a community builder, and an online activist. She currently runs Slightely Maggie (a podcast and a YouTube vlog) and, sharing their experience with multiplicity/DID. Maggie can also be found on TikTok as @neurodivergentgranny!

It took some time for us to release this episode into the world, and a lot has changed in Maggie's life since we had this interview. In lieu of these important updates, we plan on releasing a second part to this interview in the next few weeks to check back in with Maggie and learn from them.

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