Episode 1: Maps Can Rhyme

Season 1 | Episode 1
19m | Feb 12, 2020

Former art gallery owner and Vietnam war veteran Forrest Fenn claims to have buried a two million dollar treasure somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. The only clue to the treasure’s location is a cryptic eight stanza poem that supposedly reveals its location.

Why have 65,000 people gone searching for an unconfirmed buried treasure at the word of a strange old man? Four men have even died in the process. How did this minor phenomenon come to be? Many have searched for the treasure, and no one has found it. Is Fenn a charlatan, or a philanthropist seeking to inspire people to get outside, or something entirely different?

While thousands search unsuccessfully for the treasure, we search for the truth of Forrest Fenn. If we figure out who Fenn is, we can understand if the treasure even exists and maybe even where he hid it.

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Where The Treasure Lies