Where The Treasure Lies

Four treasure hunters dead and some sixty five thousand people searching through mountains, hills, canyons, river bends, and other treacherous terrain. These are the results of a cryptic poem found in Forrest Fenn’s autobiography, where he claims his poem leads to a $2M treasure buried somewhere in the Rocky Mountains


Episode 7: Found?
Show Details21min 22s
Update! The Treasure Has Been "Found"!
Show Details1min 17s
Episode 6: The End of the Dusty Trail
Show Details21min 33s
Episode 5: Searchers and Rescue
Show Details23min 29s
Episode 4: I Love Gold
Show Details19min 40s
Episode 3: The Art of the Deal
Show Details18min 14s
Episode 2: Brisket & Banh Mi
Show Details24min 18s
Episode 1: Maps Can Rhyme
Show Details19min 46s
Where The Treasure Lies: Trailer
Show Details1min 32s