Being Your Authentic Self in Your Business with Samantha Kellgren {244}

Episode 244
31m | Apr 12, 2021

“It’s OK if you don’t nail your niche at the first go. Enjoy the journey.” Samantha Kellgren

In today’s episode, Charlie chats with Samantha Kellgren, the founder of Simply Well Coaching and a certified health and mindset coach. Sam is an expert in guiding ambitious women to build healthier habits and live with less stress and more energy. More specifically, she helps Type-A women with high expectations of themselves, slow down and stop the guilt trip so they can enjoy a more relaxing life and find balance, joy and confidence.

You’ll learn how to truly bring your authentic self to your business, and understand your target market better than anyone, from an experienced wellpreneur who has had an own market journey with great success. Samantha is sharing her wisdom with us, in the hope to inspire new Wellness entrepreneurs who are trying to find their niche.

This episode originally aired on The Wellpreneur Podcast.

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