#278 - Should I be drinking a gallon of water per day to be healthy with Noelle Kovary

27m | Mar 6, 2024

Join us for the latest episode of the Weight Loss for Women Podcast, where we welcome back the incredible Noelle! Living on a picturesque property in the US, Noelle is not just a mother and homesteader but also a treasure trove of knowledge on pro-metabolic nutrition and living a fulfilled life.

In this episode, Noelle shares her journey from a health coach to embracing a lifestyle that prioritizes nourishment from real, whole foods, and the art of living in tune with nature. From milking cows at dawn with her children by her side to crafting the perfect sourdough, Noelle's story is a testament to the beauty of nurturing your body and soul with what the earth provides.

We dive into:

👉The importance of ditching diets for nourishing, ancestral foods.

👉The joys and challenges of homesteading and homeschooling.

👉Tips for living a stress-free, slow life that aligns with your true self.

👉Noelle also shares her secret coffee recipe that kick starts her mornings - a blend of coffee, brown sugar, egg yolk, collagen, and milk that you won't want to miss.

👉Busting myths around water consumption: We discuss the common misconception in the fitness and health industry that you must drink a set amount of water daily. Noelle shares insights on listening to your body's needs, the importance of minerals in hydration, and why more water isn't always the answer.


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Noelle Kovary @noellekovary


Noelle's background and being an advocates for a pro-metabolic, ancestral nutrition approach.(1:08)

The importance of children growing up nourished without complications or the need for unlearning dietary habits. (2:21)

The nutritional approach inspired by Dr. Ray Peat and ancestral diets. (3:16)

Returning to whole, real foods and the influence of restrictive diets. (4:55)

Happiness, stress management, and being in alignment with one's desires for overall health. (6:29)

Transformations through emotional coaching and alignment. (9:02)

Listening to the body's needs, incorporating minerals, and choosing nourishing fluids over forcing water consumption. (16:08)

Debunking common fitness industry myths about hydration. (16:44)

Consumption of mineral-rich fluids and foods for better hydration and health. (17:45)

Experimentation to find individual needs for hydration and mineral intake. (19:34)

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