#281 - Improving her body composition and learning how to nourish her body with Sophia Rocha

11m | Mar 27, 2024

Last week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Sophia, a wonderful 37-year-old from sunny California. Sophia's story is one of true resilience, a journey from stress and undernourishment to a place of strength and wellness, all while preparing her body for the beautiful goal of motherhood.

Sophia opened up about the struggles she faced during a particularly stressful period in her life and how it led her to join our program in search of accountability and guidance. Celebrating her one-year anniversary with us, she reflects on the transformative journey she's undergone, not just physically but mentally and emotionally too.

One of the most profound changes Sophia experienced was learning what it really means to nourish her body. From building balanced plates to understanding her nutritional needs, she's mastered the art of eating well and the incredible benefits of strength training. The combination of tailored nutrition and focused workouts has reshaped her body and mindset, revealing the importance of consistency and the joy found in lifting weights.

Sophia's journey wasn't without its challenges, especially around tracking her intake and overcoming resistance to change. Yet, with the unwavering support of her coach, Kathleen, and the structure of our program, she broke through these barriers, finding a new normal that's sustainable and fulfilling. Her story didn't just impact her own life; it even inspired her mom to start her own fitness and wellness journey alongside her.

For anyone feeling hesitant about starting their health journey, Sophia's advice is clear: just do it. The program's long-term benefits far outweigh the initial fears and challenges. It's about more than just the numbers on the scale—it's about building a lifestyle that supports your well-being for years to come.

Tune into this episode for an inspiring conversation that's sure to motivate anyone looking to make a positive change in their life. Whether you're aiming to improve your health, prep your body for future plans, or simply find a sustainable path to wellness, Sophia's story shines as a beacon of what's possible with the right support and dedication.

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  • 00:00:02 - Introduction to the podcast's mission and a warm welcome to Sophia, joining us to share her transformative health journey.
  • 00:00:24 - Sophia introduces herself, sharing her background, her life in California, and her connection with Kate Deering.
  • 00:00:35 - Sophia dives into her reasons for joining the program, highlighting the stress and nutritional challenges she faced and her aspiration to prepare her body for pregnancy.
  • 00:02:05 - Celebrating a year in the program, Sophia reflects on the substantial changes she's experienced, emphasizing the importance of learning to nourish her body properly.
  • 00:02:23 - Sophia discusses the results she's seen, including body recomposition, improved metabolic health markers, and a deeper understanding of what a balanced diet truly looks like for her.
  • 00:04:42 - A look at Sophia's body composition changes over the year and the joy of seeing physical strength improvements through focused training, particularly in her glutes.
  • 00:05:53 - The discussion turns to Sophia's daily caloric intake and how she's learned to enjoy food in a way that fuels her body and supports her training goals.
  • 00:06:22 - Sophia shares a unique aspect of her journey – the impact of her transformation on her family, particularly her mother, who embarked on her own health journey alongside Sophia.
  • 00:07:10 - The most challenging aspects of the program for Sophia, including overcoming resistance to tracking and finding consistency in her new lifestyle.
  • 00:08:19 - The most enjoyable parts of the program for Sophia, from the strength training achievements to the invaluable coaching and accountability from Kathleen.
  • 00:09:40 - Reflecting on whether she could have achieved the same results without the program, Sophia emphasizes the difference that coaching and a structured plan made in her journey.
  • 00:10:23 - Sophia's advice to any woman considering joining the program, highlighting the long-term benefits and sustainable changes it offers beyond just weight loss.

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