REPOST: VCREP #29: Is Your $500,000 Condo Really Worth a Million Dollars? with Meg Cooney

38m | Feb 7, 2024

*Disclaimer: This podcast was originally recorded and aired in November 2021*

Do you own a condo in a rapidly developing area that the land might be better suited for an incoming high rise? This week Cory welcomes Meg Cooney, a strata wind-up specialist, to see if your condo might be worth way more than you think to a developer. Meg breaks down what a strata wind-up is, how you can see potentially if you fall within an area that might be a candidate for a wind-up, and how to use this strategy when looking to make your next real estate investment. She also breaks down the percentage of owners that have to vote in favour to list the property, accept an offer, and the court process to follow if not all 100% of owners vote in favour of a sale. If you live or own a condo this is a must listen to not to mention Meg also pulls off double duty on this episode.  

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