Urdu Pun

Urdu Pun is a weekly podcast in Urdu where we discuss topics related to self growth and things that are not mainstream (yet!)

Join us as we discuss the Urdu part of our life. Hosted by Annie, we will talk about our life experiences with a focus on learning and practicing Urdu.

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Episode 10 Public on my mind
Show Details16min 51s
Urdu Pun Book Review 2 Mindset
Show Details48min 35s
Episode 9 The Price we all have to pay
Show Details17min 49s
Episode 8 Urdu identity or a curse
Show Details14min 8s
Episode 7 Mind Reading
Show Details14min 53s
Episode 6 Being Assertive
Show Details18min 49s
Urdu Pun Book Review 1 Show Your Work
Show Details27min 51s
Episode 5 Imposter Syndrome
Show Details14min 41s
Episode 4 Attention
Show Details14min 12s
Episode 3 Permission
Show Details21min 1s
Episode 2 Learning versus Education
Show Details26min 49s
Episode 1 Blending in or Standing out
Show Details16min 55s