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A weekly show dedicated to counting down the Top 10 from film, television, video games, pop culture and more. Tia is joined by different guest hosts each week.


Top 10 Moments from Halt and Catch Fire
Show Details1hr 53min
Top 10 Superhero Costumes
Show Details1hr 24min
Top 10 Movies From the 1980s
Show Details1hr 33min
Top 10 Westerns in TV and Movies
Show Details1hr 58min
Top 10 Worst TV and Movie Couples
Show Details1hr 59min
Top 10 Best Romantic Comedies
Show Details1hr 56min
Top 10 Best Netflix Villains
Show Details2hr
Top 10 Worst CGI In Films
Show Details1hr 54min
Top 10 Sci-Fi Television Shows
Show Details1hr 53min
Top 10 Sci-Fi Films
Show Details1hr 50min
Top 10 Best Moments From The Boys
Show Details1hr 42min
Top 10 Horror/Thriller/Suspense Movies
Show Details1hr 52min
Top 10 Favorite Moments from American Gods Season 2
Show Details1hr 57min
Top 10 iZombie Moments
Show Details1hr 38min
Top 10 Best Plot Twists in Television and Film
Show Details1hr 6min
Top 10 Spider-Man Far From Home Moments
Show Details1hr 59min
Top 10 Movie Action Stars
Show Details1hr 34min