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A weekly show dedicated to counting down the Top 10 from film, television, video games, pop culture and more. Tia is joined by different guest hosts each week.


Top 10 Sci-Fi Television Shows
Show Details1hr 53min
Top 10 Sci-Fi Films
Show Details1hr 50min
Top 10 Best Moments From The Boys
Show Details1hr 42min
Top 10 Horror/Thriller/Suspense Movies
Show Details1hr 52min
Top 10 Favorite Moments from American Gods Season 2
Show Details1hr 57min
Top 10 iZombie Moments
Show Details1hr 38min
Top 10 Best Plot Twists in Television and Film
Show Details1hr 6min
Top 10 Spider-Man Far From Home Moments
Show Details1hr 59min
Top 10 Movie Action Stars
Show Details1hr 34min